Kristi Kerr Leonard, Business Manager



MBA graduate with over 26 years of business and marketing experience

Strengths: Organization, multi tasking, follow through, positive attitude

Weakness: “Tiger in your tank”.  If you don’t want to get things done, don’t hire Kristi.

A valued addition to any executive team:

• scheduling, talent identification

  1. hiring, managing and working with businesses’ CPA, attorney, HR, computer, advertising or other consultants

  2. improving internal technology and communication

  3. marketing business to increase revenue

  4. manage and maintain financial end of business-revenues, accounts receivable, accounts payable

  5. identification and evaluation of inefficiencies in internal processes

Industries/Areas of Expertise include:

advertising, law, architecture, psychology, national retail, international restaurant, YWCA, child advocacy, newspaper, state health, Senator John McCain’s Phoenix office.



“So you’re thinking of hiring Kristi?

Well, here are a few things you should know:  She’s highly organized and capable of effectively dealing with a lot of balls simultaneously.  Her acute attention to detail means that she seldom makes mistakes (or lets other people around her make one).  A job will get completed if Kristi is in charge.  She is a take charge kind of person who likes to “finish” things.

People like Kristi.  She gives them a lot of personality to like.  A smile is always on her face.  Defeats disappoint but don’t demoralize her.  Eternally an optimist, Kristi will keep people around her feeling positive.”

Rod Underhill, Principal, The Richards Group



Social Media



Project Manager


Small Business